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March 2015
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Get lost in Graceland, Elvis’s mini paradise

Get lost in Graceland, Elvis’s mini paradise. Graceland © Ludovic Bischoff

The other celebrity that made his mark on the history of Memphis, a white face in a multi-coloured suit on which figures the face of doctor King, is Elvis Presley. This little fella who grew up in the popular and black neighbourhoods of the city, this kid who lived with his black friends and listened to their music, this “little white guy” with a diverse and mixed soul, started out his glorious career in Memphis in the Sun Studios. And it is in Memphis that he created his own little paradise: Graceland. And you can visit it today, wide-eyed in amazement, exploring the domain in which he loved to live, as a family, as a group, as a band…his house, which also houses his tomb, has remained frozen in time since the 1970s. The famous ‘jungle room’ makes you feel as if you are in Hawaii, with green carpet covering the walls! A projection room with three TV sets and yellow and blue leather sofas were considered very high-tech…Not to mention his private planes, his impressive collection of cars and his hundreds of stage costumes are exhibited amongst countless gold records that he has amassed since his death in August 1977. Graceland looks like a mini theme park dedicated to the King. But a gently dated park, that has not changed for thirty years. A fascinating outing that shows how this little Memphis kid transformed blues and rock’n’roll and, to put it simply, invented adolescent entertainment!

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