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June 2014
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Cloud by Yuhsin U Chang

Horizons Arts Nature Festival in Sancy, Cloud by Yuhsin U Chang, © Ludovic Bischoff

Here is a work of art that perfectly captures the philosophy of the “Horizons Arts Nature” Festival: establishing links between Sancy locals and international artists. As it happens, Taiwanese artist Yuhsin U Chang, who lives and works in Parisian suburb Montrouge, used coarse wool sourced from the region’s recent sheep shearing. With this local raw material, she concocted a woollen “cloud”, measuring at 4-metres high, 6-metres long and 3-metres wide! In total, this ‘cloud’ appears to float at the top of a tower weighing 1500kg…Half animal, half cloud, there is no doubt that this piece will be one of the most poetic this year. It evokes an extraordinary form that can be interpreted by the individual, much like clouds in the sky. An interactive, hollow work, the public will be able to enter and explore the inside. Strange and alien, stationed at the top of a crater of a former volcano, this woollen eruption will make an impact on everyone. “Cloud” by Yuhsin U Chang is displayed at Picherande, Puy de Chareire.

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