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June 2014
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A real human adventure

Horizons Art Nature in Sancy, Alterburon, © Collectif Dérive

In Sancy magic works. Having taken part in the festival, the artists tell of their emotional experience, as if they have been touched by the support of inhabitants as they toil away to bring their work to life- all this, whilst on top of a mountain or on the banks of a river! Today Auvergne natives go as far to say that because of “Horizons Arts Nature Festival” they will never goe to another museum because artwork come to them and their mountains. These artists work outdoors, in often very challenging conditions; last year, when it snowed up until June, the festival became a real human adventure. “We worked in mud, we ate in mud and we slept in mud, but it was such an incredible experience, to be able to create in nature’s crux”, assured Pierre-Yves Péré and James Bouquard, who gave life to a buron made out of earth at the 2013 festival, whose journey you can follow on this website www.collectifderive.blogspot.fr/

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