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July 2015
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Interest in the Cap-Ferret peninsula is not a recent phenomenon

Cap Ferret. Plume Voyage Webzine #plumevoyage @plumevoyage © DR

Interest in the Cap-Ferret peninsula is not a recent phenomenon! Since 1917 Jean Cocteau stayed at the Chanteclerc hotel in Grand Piquey on several occasions: in 1920 he was accompanied by Raymond Radiguet, who wrote the best part of Le Diable du Corps here. Much later, in the 70s, it was no surprise to see Alain Delon bring his family to l’Herbe on holiday, to fine at the Beach hotel or spot Lino Ventura playing boules in the streets of this particular village…
The surge of people that descends upon Cap Ferret every summer comes as no surprise either! Pascal Obispo has become a local figure since he settled in the premises of a former holiday camp, often frequenting Hortense, a restaurant with an uninterrupted view over the Dune du Pyla. Here, you can see the whole Basin. Guillaume Canet also enjoys coming to Ferret: not content after filming his third feature film “Les Petits Mouchoirs”, he bought a house with Marion Cotillard, just outside the l’Herbe. And don’t forget Philippe Starck, who made local headlines by buying the Anouilh house on the Ferret beach.
The best way to give yourself a clear idea of the topography of the place is to climb the cliff steps: look out over green waves/sheep fields and dense pine forests, blue waters of the Basin that dominate the Pyla dune, a 118m high sentinel. All before your very eyes. And the Mimbeau of course, the last big Basin beach before you reach the Ocean. Inhabitants here are almost always connected to oyster farming or fishing. But don’t get your hopes up: these perfectly positioned huts are not for sale as they have been built upon maritime terrain and are therefore reserved for fishermen and oyster farmers…And how better to discover a place by taking one’s time?

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