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July 2013
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Lisbon, Portugal: The bar Pensao Amor ( ©Luiz Carvalho)

A city that knows how to make the new with the old? That’s Lisbon. The Lisboans love to revive the historical places. This is certainly true in the case of the Pensoa Amor, in the Cais do Sodré district. This former hotel for passing marines has become a very popular music bar. And this is where the best parties are go down. The cracked walls are covered with graffiti left, in some cases, by passing sailors.
Rather than break down the barriers to create a dance floor, the new tenants have kept the rows of small rooms which you can slide into, to flirt in the corner or simply enjoy a cocktail with friends.
The whole of Rua do Alecrim – where the Pensao Amor is located – is filled with bars. In the evening, life spills over the sidewalks and one must fight their way through the crowd in order to reach the bar.
But of all the addresses in the street, it is in the Pensao Amor that the atmosphere is the most authentic and the most joyous.
Copyrights photos: Luiz Carvalho


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