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July 2013
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Lisbon, Portugal: The pastry shop Pasteis de Belem

It is impossible to come to Lisbon without biting into one of those famous little egg flans encased in a pastry shell, which is the most famous Portuguese pastry. The pastéis de nata are eaten throughout the city. But the pastéis de Belém, they are unique. One must head to the Belém district, via tram to the edge of the sea, to explore this vast pastisserie that has been serving its pastéis since 1837. The recipe is still the same after all these years. And it remains one of the most coveted secrets of the country. This giant patisserie, with rooms decorated with beautiful tiles, is located next to the beautiful Jeronimos Monastery.
The legend says it was one of the occupants of the monastery, upon its closure, who opened his small business and popularized what would become the most iconic patisserie in Portugal. Today, thousands of visitors flock every day to see the pastry chefs at work and offer up some pastéis, served warm with a little cinnamon sugar. If you must try one pastéis in Lisbon, this is the place to come. You will not be alone…But its important to discover that they are tastier here than anywhere else.


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