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July 2013
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Lisbon, Portugal: The Boutique, A Vida Portugesa

To live “à la Portuguese,” is to take the time and not forget the glorious past of this small country that enlightened the world in the fifteenth century…And it is with the precise objective to not forget her childhood that Catarina Portas created A vida portuguesa. This boutique is a real treasure cave, storing a multitude of small everyday Portuguese objects, of yesterday and today. The former journalist has searched the country from top to bottom to find the artisans and family factories that still make the products of her childhood. She gathered her findings in her Chiado shop where Confiança soaps, Arcadia chocolates, Sanjo tennis shoes and Santa-Catarina preserves all sit crammed together…
Catarina Porta believes that everyday objects have a soul. And those of her childhood should not have to disappear in the face of the big industrial brands today. In the pretty grandmother cabinets, therefore, sit the homemade preserves, ageless plastic toys, the small terracotta swallows that every Portuguese family used to hang on their on the doors and plenty of other obsolete and unnecessary things. Which are, of course, all absolutely essential…


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