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January 2016
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A night in Paradise


The Boath House is the epitome of the beautiful Edwardian houses charm and their gardens in the Anglo-Saxon style. This one, built by one of the greatest English architects two centuries ago, works as a beautiful guest house, with different rooms, with mottled furniture and exquisite taste. A little bit like at home, the aperitif is taken in the first lounge at 7 pm, at 7:30pm, a single menu is served in the small rotunda dining room and we end the evening in the cozy and felted library lounge while chatting with diner fellows. It is no coincidence that this address is now one of the jewels of the small Scottish label Connoisseurs of Scotland, the starred table is one of the best in the country. All products come from nearby farms and orchards. Please do not snub breakfast, the muesli with fruit garden is an anthology! Precisely, the garden: it is the pride of the owner Wendy Matheson who made his name around these species. Plan an hour to walk around and reach the wee loch that decorates the park. In autumn, the mirror effect with the red swatch is a beauty.

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