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January 2015
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Olaf Van Cleef

Olaf Van Cleef, Photo 1, 2 , 3 & 4 © Clara Le Fort, photo 5, 6 & 7 © AW Web

Establishing a direct link between France and the Indies, artist Olaf Van Cleef is more than just a descent of the Van Cleef clan: he is a lover of the Indies, in the most beautiful way possible as this travelling expert is also the author of an essay, entitled “From Darjeeling to Pondicherry”. Hanging on the walls of the Van Cleef Hall gallery in Pondicherry, thousands of little balls of metallic paper reflect the light, creating a divine pointillist mirage…amongst which several Swarovski crystals are affixed like jewellery. Sporting these miniscule treasures, Hindu gods and goddesses burst forth from these watercolour sketches, highlighted by the Chinese ink that Olaf often utilises. An enchanting display.

Olaf Van Cleef
Van Cleef Hall – 66 Papamal Koil Street – Vaithikuppam. +91 95666 77991

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