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February 2014
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Dokhu Carpets

Image 1 - Traditional 01 by Dhoku, Istanbul. Image 2 - Anachron 06 by Dhoku, Istanbul. Image 3 - Decadent 05 by Dhoku, Istanbul. Image 4 - Anachron 01 by Dhoku, Istanbul. Image 5 - Decadent 03 by Dhoku, Istanbul. Image 6 - Anachron 03 by Dhoku, Istanbul. Image 7- Anachron 02 by Dhoku, Istanbul.

Coming from generations of artisans specializing in the production of carpets, Memet Gureli started his own company in 1989 before realizing, buoyed by the success, there was little or no design approach in the industry. In 2002, the Ethnicon Vintage collection was born, as a tribute to ethnic traditions and ancient motifs, measured out and transposed in a contemporary manner. Memet opened a shop in the Grand Bazaar and completed his plan of attack by launching Dhoku – which means texture/touch in Turkish – a range consisting of 7 carpets lines handmade in Anatolia on old looms. Since its conception, Dhoku has called upon the skills of international artists and designers – such as those of the architectural firm Superpool, designer Koray Özgen and graphic designer Filip Pagowski – to dream up unique designs, now lauded around the world.


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