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February 2014
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Dice Kayek, Jameel Prize 2013

Dice Kayek, Contrasts, Jameel Prize 2013 © Dice Kayek Archives

As founders of the brand Dice Kayek that has been pushing Turkish fashion to new heights, sisters Ece and Ayse Ege are the 2014 winners of the prestigious Jameel Prize awarded annually by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. And for good reason too. Inspired by the city’s mosques, the perfect domes designed by the great architect Mimar Sinan and decorative details from the heyday of the Ottoman Empire, their models from the Istanbul Contrast collection evoke “the artistic and architectural history of the city, while emphasizing the Islamic traditions that contribute to its vibrant legacy. Better still, these old influences apply to other disciplines, transporting from one art to another,” the judges of the prize explain. 26 models of exquisite beauty, without a doubt set to be future collectibles.


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