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January 2014
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The gourmet address: FeinKoch

Photo 1: Inside the boutique/restaurant, 2, 3 and 4: Typical dishes © Feinkoch

At FeinKoch – which means “fine cuisine” in German – one will undoubtedly find excellent produce that will please young mothers, caring husbands, and budding or experienced chefs, but above all, we find recipes. No need to make a shopping list before coming or go crazy trying to find a gourmet meal idea: everything is available here! Want an apple-celery soup with vitelotte truffle potato chips or a red turnip risotto with a pumpkin seed pesto? You will find everything you need to achieve just that, including the recipe sheet (detailing the average price per person, the difficulty and time required to complete the course) and the advice of the foodie guru who runs the shop. For unlimited excellent produce, stocks and shelves full of jars of sauces, fresh mushrooms and exotic spices – FeinKoch is where it’s at.

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