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February 2015
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The Farçon: the best-kept secret in the Alps

Le Farçon: the best-kept secret in the Alps. Photo 1: Julien Machet © Richard Roberts. Photo 2, 3, 4 & 5: Le Farçon © Richard Roberts. Courtesy of Le Farçon

In the Three Valleys area, ski resort La Tania claims the title as “the best-kept secret in the Alps”. And it is in this preserved resort that you will find the most undetected and most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in the French mountains! Here are two secrets kept jealously underwraps by those in-the-know…although they won’t remain secrets for long seeing as the chef at the Farçon, young and friendly Julien Machet is taking part in the 2015 edition of Top Chef on M6! An unknown world of stardom awaits this unusual cook, who started his career by taking over the family crêperie before clinching a Michel star, after just a few years in the restaurant business. And so, you absolutely must head for Farçon before the crowds of hungry Top Chef viewers descend upon it. As well as its extremely reasonable rates (35 euros at lunchtime and 58 euros in the evening), Julien Machot’ restaurant is without a doubt the most affordable Michelin-starred spot in the Alps. And also one of the most original, seeing as here you only have the choice of two menus to select from…one for men, and one for women! You have to try it. But Julien Machet knows how to play the game. As a stubborn mountain dweller, he stands by his radical decision, which allows clients to taste the same culinary products according to a feminine or masculine approach. Thus, the “omble chevalier” is cooked at a low temperature and accompanied with apples for madame, whilst it is served with leeks and bergamot lemons for the gentleman. And so it goes on. Something to experience sooner rather than later, before everybody flocks to Farçon and uncovers the best kept secret in the Three Valleys…

Farcon website: www.lefarcon.fr

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