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February 2014

The Kan-à-Mouche lodge in Quebec where JFK and Marylin Monroe loved to stay

(1,2) Kan-A-Mouche Outfitter, Photos by Ludovic Bischoff (3,4) Kan-A-Mouche Outfitter, Photos Copyrighted (5) Cottage Portage at auberge Kan-a-mouche Outfitter, Lanaudière. Photo Copyrighted (6)Cottage Abenakis at Kan-A-Mouche Outfitter.Photo copyrighted (7) Autumn, Quebec. Photo copyrighted

It floats like an air of sulfur on the Kan-à-Mouche outfitting of Saint-Michel-des-Saints in Lanaudière. Legend has it that this was a private fishing club run by an iron lady named Carmel Daury, as well as a venue for discrete meetings between the “little women” of Montreal and drunken businessmen…Open since 1946, this beautiful lodge is located on the edge of a 27 hectare lake and has been frequented by many Canadians and Americans who have come to seek the tranquility of an area secluded from the world. The most famous guests of “Madame Carmel” are without a doubt John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe who loved to stay in the little log cabin furthest away from the main buildings. The couple came here by seaplane, the only way to access Kan-à-Mouche in the 60s. Now it is easily accessible by road from Montreal in two hours. But guests can still stay in JFK and Marilyn’s favorite cabin, which has hardly changed much (ask for the Chalet de Portage). At the time, the lovers were content with just love and the clear lake waters to keep them entertained, before warming themselves at the end of the day next to the wood fire which is still in service today. These days, the 11 Kan-à-Mouche chalets are more comfortable and fully equipped for a real cozy weekend by the water’s edge. Kan-à-Mouche also has a very good restaurant for those who return empty-handed from their day of fishing !


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