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February 2014

La Seigneurie du Triton Fish and Game club Outfitter in the Mauricie region

(1,2,4,5,6,7,8) La pourvoirie la seigneurie du Triton. Image copyrighted. (3)The Triton Fish & Game Club at The Triton Outfitter. Image by Ludovic Bischoff

The Triton Fish & Game Club, located in the Mauricie region, was founded in 1893. At that time, rich industrialists and businessmen from the United States went on a buying spree of land in Québec to set up private clubs for fishing and hunting. Triton was the most famous, attracting visitors such as Roosevelt and Rockefeller. Like them at the time, it is still necessary to follow a long forest road, then embark on a small flat-bottomed boat to arrive at the lodge nestled deep in a river overlooking a lake. The arrival on the water is always breathtaking and little or nothing has changed in these unspoiled landscapes for over a hundred years! The outfitting itself has retained its authentic décor thanks to the painstaking restoration work of the current owners. La Seigneurie du Triton was abandoned for years before it was revived, to the sheer delight of all those who seek to isolate themselves from the modern world for a few nights. The main building, which houses a restaurant and bar, is decorated with old furniture, hunting trophies and skins. Fred, an authentic trapper will also happily explain the art of trapping to you that he has practiced since his childhood. He will steer you in a canoe on one of the 12 lakes in the outfitting and take you to warm up in an Indian teepee, just like he did when he was growing up with the descendants of the original inhabitants of Canada. In this building, the rooms are basic, but in two other beautiful buildings nearby, guests can enjoy all manner of modern comforts: fireplace, private bathroom, etc. And as this outfitter is located far from civilization and is only accessible only by boat, he will not give you a key. Here all guests live like friends and share their stories in the evening by the fire, just like the good old days of the trappers!


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