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February 2013
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Vedute © Jean‐François Rauzier / Le Nœud de Babel © ADAGP Jean­‐Michel Othoniel, Paris 2013

Nestled in a beautiful garden, the Labottière château houses the collection of Bernard Magrez, the owner of large international wineries, and exhibits modern and contemporary art. For its fifth exhibition, the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute, located in this magnificent mansion, will pay tribute to Venice. The exhibition will take you on a trip through the Venetian works of artists of yesterday and today. Sophie Calle, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Giacometti, Anish Kapoor and even Cy Twombly unveil their interpretations of the channels and gates of the city and glorify the splendor. And to end the day, taking a walk in the French garden of the château is a must at sunset.
Rêves de Venise.
From March 23rd to July 21st 2013
5 rue de Labottière


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