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August 2013
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Domain Andéols

Domain Andéols: photos © Marie Le Fort 1,2,3,4: outside of the estate / 5,6: inside of the estate

Domaine des Andéols is a small contemporary miracle between fields of lavender and cypress. In view of the foothills of the Lubéron, old basins and Land’Art pieces inhabit the landscape whilst unpublished prints and books of contemporary photography punctuate the interiors. In this landscaped hamlet run by Olivier and Patrizia Massart (the latter made a name for herself producing Parisian fashion shows), everything seems naturally inspired: a platform lined with a inviting few tables sit under the heights of an old plane tree, a vegetable green on the horizon beyond the apricot and lavender fields, drawings by Guy Bourdin add a hint of glamor on the walls of the restaurant.
There is not a corner where the eye does not fall, with surprise, upon an original work, a moving sculpture against the blue, airy view or a wall recreated in the rules of art. A visionary and sophisticated property in the heart of the Provencal countryside that has been given the Design Hotels seal of approval.


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