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August 2013
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Design Parade 2013

Design Parade 2013: photos 1,2,3 © Marie Le Fort : outside view of the Château and dessert

Hyères, just like every year, is inviting the young guards of European design to exhibit their unique projects. Against an exhibition background in homage to the architectural genius of Marcel Breuer – who is exhibiting himself at the Villa Noailles with thirty pieces of furniture and previously unpublished archival material – and atypical porcelain pieces designed by Aldo Bakker for Sèvres – The City of Ceramics: this collaboration has led to “six objects that transfer, contain, keep, or simply stand poised on their center. Sinuous lines, interwoven shapes and dripping volumes evoke the fluid aspect of the matter. Each object plays with the archetypal characteristics of a spout: a container, a spout, a handle. All in all a suggestive representation of the act (and the art) of transfering”.
If the ingenious system of trestles by Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilini won the Grand Jury Prize, Claire Lavabre mirrors are even more poetic. Moreover, they re-enchant the real, in ‘looking deeper’ into the reflection areas on the walls, by superposition. “Everywhere I go I see reflections. The reflection of a tree in a lake, the reflections in the windows of trains. Reflections that appear on transparent surfaces, reflections that create overlapping images. I imagined a device that heightens the impression of a reflection on a transparent surface”, says the young designer.


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