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September 2013
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Baccarat, since 1764...

From left to right and top to bottom: Photo 1: Candelabra & De La Tsarine& from1867, 2 : Liquor cellar from1878, 3: Pompeian Lamp Torchere from 1909, 4: Chandelier Grand Marly from 1891, 5: Elbeuf Service for the Maharaja of Baroda from 1920, 6: Service Tsar from 1909, 7: & Muet & Servant from 1902 and 8: Vase Simon Allegory of Earth from 1867

Chandeliers, vases, candelabras and cut Tsars glass services, kings and heads of state, maharajas chandeliers , since 1764, the history of Baccarat has often joined those of the world leaders. The richness of the work of master glassmakers has crystallized in the scrolls, arabesques, shapes and colors, the excess and the magnificence of these extraordinary objects that reflect a unique expertise. All these wonderful items from the oven and workshops for the manufacture, typical of the 18th century. Installed in 1764 on the banks of the Meurthe, originally called Sainte Anne Glass, the manufacture lit his first furnace in 1765 to never turn it off. The legacy of the factory holds 360,000 drawings, identified and listed today scanned 32,000 molds available for glassmakers. But it is in the secular movements and the skills of workers that lies the treasure of the crystal. It also adapts to the times and has already planned to replace the main oven-which may turn off each year -by individual ovens. The exhibition “Taillé sur mesure” at the chapel of the Manufacture reveals some treasures, past and present and demonstrates the incredible transmission from 250 years with 300 historic and contemporary objects.

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