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September 2015
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Lonely Planet : the whole world

Lonely Planet : le monde © DR

From A for Afghanistan to Z for Zimbabwe, and from the classics (Brazil, Italie, Thailande) to those off the tourist track (Tchad, Tuvalu, Georgia etc.) Lonely Planet unites the countries of the whole world in one guidebook containing no less than 222 destinations. For each of them, the book identifies the most beautiful places and most amazing experiences, all illustrated by 770 photos and 228 maps. In all, the guidebook offers 1600 of our planets must-sees and must-dos. These range from scuba diving in Papa New Guinea to dog sledding in Greenland, and include night in New Oreleans and the exploration of the great wall of China and Cartagena in Colombia…’The World’ lists the best things to do on the planet exposing beautiful scenery, the most stunning monuments and the most interesting cities. It is the only travel guide that covers every country in the world. Ideal when planning a trip or just when dreaming of one….

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