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October 2015
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Marseille: the rebirth of the Petit Nice

Petit Nice Marseille © Richard Haughton @Plume Voyage Magazine

On the Kennedy Corniche, with the Mediterranean horizon, the Château d’If, the islands of Frioul and fishing boats along the coast, the Petit Nice, the hotel of the Michelin three-starred chef, Gérald Passedat, is having a makeover. Succeeding his father and his grandfather, already starred chefs of the Petit Nice, Gérald Passedat in true lover of the Mediterranean, is devoting his cuisine to it! He offers a variety of Mediterranean fishes escorting products from the Provençal countryside. As for the 16 rooms, to imagine their new architecture, Gérald Passedat has chosen two artists and friends: the architect Rudy Ricciotti and the painter Gérard Traquandi. A bed facing the Mediterranean, that’s how we can summarize the main idea of the place. Whether the room or the bathroom is across the horizon. The textures and colors reminiscent of the surrounding landscape: the floor in marble stone evokes the creeks, the sand-colored plaster walls contrast with the heated wood furniture, carpet tones and natural jute curtains with a blue-gray tone sift the space. The whole place is released, opened up, with no obstacles for the view. A. F.-M.

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