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October 2014
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The new Twingo, NOTHING LIKE THE FIAT 500!

Renault Twingo © Renault Twingo

Tested in the salt marshes of Guérande and Nantes, the new trimmed down, widened, compacted, lighter and connected Twingo reinvents an original design and a coupe-inspired style. An urban yet roadway model with the steering-wheel turned to 45° (meaning that it can complete a full rotation on an 8 metre diameter and successfully parallel parks with just two turns of the wheel), the car offers stability on motorways and a nimbleness when driving in town. With a choice of two engines (in collaboration with Daimler) installed at the rear like the “Dauphine”, after five years of work, deemed the little sister of the original model, the Twingo N°3 opens a new chapter of a tale that started twenty years ago.
Our made-to-measure model: a white Twingo with black edging, an R’Link that connects to your mobile phone, light grey leather interiors, a panoramic roof, smooth whitewash dashboard, with the option of a “Flexicase®” textile bag in the glove compartment, but we have high hopes for the automatic model, which comes out in a few months.

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