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October 2014
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“The Brazilians”, new opus of the collection “Lifelines of a People”.

The Brazilians by Marie Naudascher, in Lifelines of a People by Henry Dougier. Courtesy of Ateliers Henry Dougier

New collection “Lifelines of a People” enriches itself with an original title. Dreamed-up by Henry Dougier, founder of Editions Autrement, this collection strives to highlight, with more than 120 titles over ten years, the real life of a race that so often go unnoticed – the country, its regions, its diaspora. Under this new title, Marie Naudascher, a freelance journalist who has lived in Brazil for many years, dive head-first into this truly superlatives country and this unique insight, which represents the Brazilians far from their clichés. An exhilarating and rhythmic journey.

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