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October 2014
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The Aberlour Hunting Club sets up at Paris Polo Club.

The Aberlour Hunting Club, Bois de Boulogne, Polo Club Paris. Courtesy of Aberlour

For its 5th occasion, the Aberlour Hunting Club and its pop-up restaurant select the spectacular Parisian Polo club as a backdrop. To celebrate the wild game gastronomy and Saint-Hubert, patron of hunters, three dinners shall be arranged by Emmanuel Renaut, 3-star chef of the Flocon de Sel in Megève. Guests to this temporary restaurant will have the privilege of tasting an exclusive menu created by the chef, a keen amateur huntsman himself. Only forty visitors per night will have the chance to taste the culinary delights and the charm of the Polo Club Paris, transformed into a hunting lodge for the occasion. From 4th to 6th November.

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