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March 2014
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A temporary suite by Régis Dho at the Lutetia.

A temporary suite by Régis Dho at the Lutetia

The designer Régis Dho has created “Night & Day”, the ephemeral suite at the Lutetia. Following David Lynch, the Campana brothers and Guillaume Piéchaud, it is the Moroccan born artist who has created a temporary suite within the walls of the Paris hotel. A padded space away from the tumult of the city, inspired by the jazzy identity of the left bank palace, immersing visitors in a cocoon of black, gray and turquoise. Designed in collaboration with Mis en Demeure, it is a truly bespoke piece of work, which was created in the suite where all the furniture has been diverted from their original purpose. And so the dresser becomes a mini bar, the banquette serves as a nightstand. Régis Dho also chose a painter to illuminate the suite with his ink on silk paper, making for a very contemporary counterpoint in this art deco space.

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