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November 2014
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A new king in the realm at George V

Christian Le Squer, Georges V © Gilles Dacquin.

One month after his arrival at the George V, Christian Le Squer can pride himself on having successfully and naturally imposed his sense of style. Just like at Ledoyen, which he meticulously managed for 12 years (boasting 3 stars over twelve consecutive years), his kitchen can do no wrong. And it does not just demonstrate a precise gesture of high-flying cuisine…no no: it warms hearts, of all those who are concentrate first and foremost upon exercising style. The spitting image of the chef, the kitchen is equally cheerful and welcoming. With glimpses of childhood favourites (spaghetti with ham and Alba truffles!) and sincere generosity. Here, we do things differently. Here, it is all about the surprises. And then, there is the “intermission”, which is full of (great) surprises. Finally, expect only conviviality in this magical setting, a sense of warmth that is so often missing in kitchens of this level. And this is exactly what it wishes to maintain. All this makes us want to come back before you can say ‘I’ve already been’.

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