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February 2014

The Scotch, a new Whisky Bar at the Balmoral in Edinburgh.

The Scotch, a new Whisky Bar at the Balmoral in Edinburgh

Lovers of Scottish whiskey can now be found at the bar of Scotch, the new bar in the Balmoral which boasts the largest collection in Edinburgh. With more than 400 varieties, the bar offers a wide variety and blend of single malts from all over Scotland, including some vintages that date back to 1940. The collection is watched over by three ambassadors who are dressed in contemporary costumes by Kinloch Anderson –the official kilt manufacturer of Queen Elizabeth II – adorned in gold ornaments and made of tweed and satin, in the quintessential colors of Scotland. Exclusive to Scotch, the Sources Uisge has created a selection of natural waters that are made with the same development process as whisky. An essential element to a good tasting, as a Scottish proverb says: “never whiskey without water, never water without whiskey!”

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