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May 2016
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Pyla: Expected opening of the Ha (a)ïtza

Hôtel Haïtza, Pyla. breves de voyages Mai 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

The Hotel Haïtza ( “the rock” in Basque) was created in 1930. It has seen all the beautiful people during the interwar period: from Jeanne Lanvin to Charles Trenet, Yves Montand … and later all fans of the basin have stayed there. Closed in 2001, it is reopening in June thanks to William and Sophie Techouyeres, who called their accomplice, the inevitable Philippe Starck. The trio managed to give this hotel a great plume, by affixing the so-special designer signature. They added to it an “a”: Ha (a) Itza! From the outside, there are the beloved codes by Starck : checkered cement floor tiles, stained glass frieze above the windows … The lobby has an art gallery style with glass consoles containing baroque objects : divers helmets, sailing model boats … and clothing, accessories, design objects selected by Sophie Techouyeres Ha(a)ïtza has 37 rooms including 5 suites and 2 junior suites. Not to mention a rooftop apartment of 120 m 2, built around a living room benefiting from two terraces with incredible views of the Bay. As for the table, in addition to the Haïtza café, opened last year, with its room in light wood decor, old photos on the wall, the floor bricks and cement tiles, we can now add a top flight restaurant, just opened in the evening. We can find Stéphane Carrrade, the two-star chef at Ruffet, former Grand Hotel de Bordeaux … To conclude, we love the pool and the spa signed by REN with 4 treatment rooms. A. F.-M.

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