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May 2015
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New York: a 5-star stamp for Baccarat

New York: a 5-star stamp for Baccarat © DR

Proudly located opposite Moma, this glass and steel tower houses the first hotel by the Baccarat brand. French designers Gilles and Boissier were chosen to carry out this Starwood group project. The hotel comprises of 61 apartments and 114 bedrooms, all in discrete luxury. This starts from the entrance hall: a permanently burning flame that reminds us fire is the original base of crystal. Further on, the Harcourt Wall boasts an impressive prowess, staging 1530 Harcourt glasses, all of which are stratified and coated like in a wine cellar! Beneath a sloping roof enormous chandeliers, presented alongside very elegant black and white tiles whilst sporting Baccarat red, apparently light up the full length of the magnificent bar! The dining hall is decked out in discrete shades of beige. As for the salon, its pleated silk walls derived in a champagne colour. This spot combines unfailing creativity and timeless elegance. A pool and spa complete the offerings of this hotel, which the whole of New York is already buzzing about!

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