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March 2016

Hong Kong: a new Beefbar

BEEFBAR HONG KONG. Breves de voyages mars 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © Jonathan Maloney

After Monaco and Mexico the Beefbar is settling its dishes in Hong Kong. Signed by the talented duo of architects Humbert and Poyet, this new place has taken up residence in the heart of the city. The decor inspired by English gentlemen’s club includes all the codes of a discreet and elegant luxury. My noble materials: tinted wood panels in black, leather furniture, patinated bronze and a marble bar create an intimate atmosphere. Remarkable piece of the place: the perforated ceiling made of metal panels alternating empty and full to invent a relief. A beautiful transparent wine cellar is throning: a real temptation for connoisseurs! On the menu signed by the chef Andrea Spagoni if ​​the exceptional meats have the upper pad, that fish lovers can stay assured ; Angus beef meets a salad of King crab or cod ravioli but also the burger declined in 10 different ways! A. F.-M.

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