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June 2015
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Provence: a prettily illustrated guide

"Bonjour Provence" City guide © DR

As part of the “Bonjour City Maps Guide” collection, after Bonjour Paris, Bonjour New-York and Bonjour London, here is one for Provence. We lose these new rave guides by Marin Montagut. Passionate about art, encounters, second-hand gems and antiques, this insatiable globetrotter and former pupil at Saint Martins takes you on a journey around the world with his watercolour booklet, roaming through quirky, off-the-beaten-path places that he loves to unveil. This guide tells the meeting of an enamoured travel aesthete: Marin, a beautiful home attached to its origins: Occitane and Provence. Essentially, Occitane entrusted him with the job of reviving the beatiful charm of Provence through the telling of over 90 places. Bonjour Provence is a beautifully illustrated waterproof and sturdy map, scarcely larger than a passport, so it is almost handsfree. With this clever guide in your pocket, you can explore the region from Marseille to Aix-en-Provence via Arles, discovering both sophisticated and quirky spots, top-secret addresses and the local savoir-faire. A.F.-M.

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