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July 2015
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Marbella: Cassa La Concha – a secret refuge

Hotel Casa La Concha, Marbella © DR

Situated half-way between Puerto Banus and the old village of Marbella, this boutique-hotel offers a range of different suites and cottages. Originally built as a house during the 1970s, it has been revisited with sophistication and originality by Frenchwoman Marie Hélène Burot, nicknamed Milena. Having fallen in love with this abandonned but lovely house, it took her six months to refurbish it and each year she has added something new: a terrace, a tree…This is a perfect refuge for lovers of tranquillity, who also yearn to make the most of Marbella’s party atmosphere! Here, you can enjoy a family-friendly ambiance and even cook with seasonal products alongside Milena, creating enormous salads and seafood. The Garden of Eden, designed by the owner herself, is planted with mango trees, grenadiers, lavender, jasmine, bougainvilliers…stretching over 5000m2 and enthroned with a gigantic birdcage. A wonderful swimming pool allows guests to refresh themselves and indulge in a tapas experience in town! A.F.-M.

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