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July 2015
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Barcelona: The Cotton House, a 19th century gem

Barcelona: The Cotton House, a 19th century gem © DR

Autography Collection, the exclusive handful of independent hotels owned by the Marriott group has just welcomed a new boutique-hotel to its collection: the Cotton House is located, as it name might indicate (!), in the former headquarters of a cotton manufacturers. This superb structure, dating back to the end of the 19th century, has undergone intense renovations to become a sophisticated hotel. Designer Lazaro Rosa-Violan succeeds in preserving the historic characteristics of the building all incorporating a contemporary touch. Boasting 83 luxury bedrooms, including 7 suites, guests are welcomed into a hall decorated with magnificent mirrors. As for the lobby, this comprises of a sumptuous octagonal room with a large staircase. A library, restaurant and cocktail bar complete what the place has to offer…the best bit has to be the tree-lined terrace stretching 300m2 with a pool that overlooks the whole of Barcelona.
A. F.-M.

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