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July 2013
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Navibag carries your luggage.

Navibag carries your luggage

Navibag, the transportation and door to door baggage delivery service, is launching the English version of its website and therefore opening up the business to European customers. Established in 2011, Navibag generated a small revolution in the tourism sector and the service has become indispensable as evidence. It is for the mother, the business traveler, the biker, the golfer who dared dream: sending your baggage to your location of choice, as you travel peacefully by plane, car or by train. All in a few clicks. No more luggage constraints: weight limit and additional costs imposed by airlines and taxis, queues at check-in and baggage carousels, stuffed car boots, not to mention fatigue, risk of loss etc. From booking to delivery, the system is simple and personalized: the bags are collected from your office or home, 24 hours before departure in France, 48 hours for the rest of Europe. Delivery is guaranteed in the location specified by the customer and its progression can be followed in real time and updated by SMS and e-mail.

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