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January 2016
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3 stars at La Bouitte

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They are discreet and yet the best father and son do not lie about their name! René and Maxime have over the time, in their famous restaurant, La Bouitte, in St. Martin de Belleville, 1500 m away from the the gates of the Three Valleys, forged a table, a true ode to Savoy. Each ingredient has its place: vegetables cooked in their own juice, double cream tart, lemon caviar, Crayfish, pike dumplings, spices, whitefish from Lake Geneva, wild natural blueberries, Beauforts cheese crozets “risotto-style”. .. Not to mention the duck cutlet foie gras, fresh corn pancake, honey from St Marcel, old vinegar (the only dish that has been accompanying the entire history of La Bouitte, from the 1st to the 3rd Michelin star). The Michelin Guide awarded them in February 2015 with the supreme reward: 3 stars! making La Bouitte the highest three-star restaurant in Europe. Since two years it is now possible to rest from these feasts at the 16-bedrooms cabin cottage built in the prolongation of La Bouitte. The 6 new rooms, clad in wood and stone offer accommodation respecting the quality of the restaurant. A. F.-M.

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