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January 2015
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My cabin overlooking the lake.

My cabin overlooking the lake, Cabane des Grands Lacs. Courtesy of Cabane des Grands Lacs

It is a kid’s dream…and an alternative idea of luxury: float between forests and rivers, in the heart of 150 hectares of nature. Gaspard de Moustier, a believer that the only luxury today is “to be lost in nature”, has thus imagined 8 floating hideaways overlooking 5 lakes and 13 cabins nestled in the trees. These little eco-huts reside in an extraordinary environment, without water or electricity, but nevertheless sexy in the practice of intimacy: with spacious bathrooms, a little terrace, private entirely ecological floating spas, gourmet lunches and champagne aperitifs, garnished with leaves…These little earthy sanctuaries are perfect for singles or couples alike.

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