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January 2015
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Follow in Che’s footsteps.

Follow in Che’s footsteps, La Poderosa Tours. Courtesy of La Poderosa Tours

Regardless of what anybody says, Cuba is one of the top destinations for 2015. Try a much more easy-going trip, away from tourist hot-spots, with music and authenticity, focusing on Valparaiso and La Havane. And lucky for some, as Che’s son – Ernesto Guevara March – proposes an off-the-wall visit to the island: on the back of a Harley-Davidson, with the wind in your hair, as a more unique way of seeing the country and establishing a more intimate link “with the history of a unique Revolution”. A well-organised tours of between 6 and 9 days, that includes crucial points of interest, like the colonial Fortress of La Cabana à La Havane, captured by Che during the Revolution, or even Santa Maria…This trek takes the shape of a rock’n’roll tribute to he who, impassioned by slogans, rechristened the Norton 500 as “La Poderosa”. Can you feel the freedom?

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