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February 2016
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The hotel of the Echiquier: rich in history

L'ECHIQUIER OPERA PARIS. Brèves de voyages PLUME VOYAGE février 2016. @plumevoyagemagazine © ©AbacaCorporate_Philippe Louzon

The latest in the M Gallery collection which highlights hotels that have a real historical past, this place was in 1593 the Henri IV hunting lodge and a convent, this 4-star hotel offers 88 rooms with an area of ​​20 to 25 m 2. The interior architect Yann Le Coadic and Alessandro Scotto have completely redesigned the area over which hung the charm of the Roaring Twenties, reinterpreting in a very contemporary way the vestiges of Art Nouveau. The decor evokes the refined atmosphere of a Parisian apartment through subtle details such as the ceiling frieze, purified to the max, or the 30’s glass chandelier reinterpreted in a contemporary way. Dressed wallpapers pasted in real linen, walls smoothly blend into the gray tone of the carpet. The design furniture emphasizes the contemporary style of the place. We like the bright blond wood headboards, evoking 1920 and 1930 lacquers. We love the large living brewery where the original mosaic floor has been completely restored and dark oak woodwork redone identically inspired by Art Deco plant patterns. The key element of this space illuminated by a magnificent glass roof, remains the circular bar in white mosaic and gold leaf that seems to have always been there!
A. F.-M.

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