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August 2014
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Fa-Raon has found his Cleopatra.

The Bristol Paris, Kleopatre and Fa-Raon. Courtesy of The Bristol Paris

A Parisian palace, the Bristol now has two little gardiens who watch over the hotel. The feline spirit of the establishment, Fa-Raon, has a new companion Cleopatra, a charming Burmese pussycat who has no difficulty in making friends. Shrewd and friendly, the cat even plays along with little ones and, purring contentedly, welcomes strokes from everybody. Her arrival marks the growth of the Bristol family and shows the importance of family values generated by this special palace. And to celebrate her entry into this great family, Cleopatra received an Oscar style bowtie collar, adorned with a silver medal, a personalised gift from the Goyard house.

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