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April 2015
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Michelin: 7 cities in your pocket

Guides Michelin © Guide Michelion

A key player on the travel scene for over 100 years, Michelin knows how to adapt! After 105 green guides, 9 patrimony guides and 13 Open Air guides…celebrate the arrival of a brand new pocket collection designed for shorter trips. It aptly combines two of Michelin’s areas of expertise: maps and content. With its super practical format, you only need take a quick glance at your guide: almost the size of a smartphone, its folding maps give you the essentials of each area: shopping, restaurants, tourist spots, bars…Each site is classed according to its level of interest: 1 star: interesting, 2 stars: worth a look, and 3 stars: worth the trip. And there are 7 outstanding destinations: Rome, New York, London, Venice, Barcelona, Paris and Marseille have made the cut so far… and we can’t wait for the next one! A.F.-M.

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