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April 2015
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Eclectic Bags: super chic masculinity!

éclectic bag © éclectic

Since 2011, éclectic re-values artisanal heritage with its clever materials. After a tailor master, the brand has recently associated itself with a master tanner. The founding guidelines of this practical collection: elegance naturally, but also sobriety. Its Travel Bags and Duffel Bags, designed in a studio in Tuscany, are assembled by-hand in a traditional way, with certain styles even benefit from hand-made interfacing. In fact, their refined design is the must-have masculine accessory for all globe-trotters. Note: the leather handles that interlace the bag decide the texture of these technical materials: Cordura, Airnet, Technowool. The cherry on top (of the bag): bright zips in exclusive galvanised titanium. A. F.-M.

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