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February 2019
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KEi (two Michelin stars)

Restaurant Kei Kobayashi. Une halte. FEVRIER 2019. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © DR

An expert cook, Kei Kobayashi was one of the first Japanese chefs to tackle the arduous task of mixing two vastly distinctive culinary cultures.

It is in fact one of the major strengths of the young chef who was trained at the Meurice under the direction of Jean-François Piège and Christophe Moret. Since 2011, Kei Kobayashi expresses his talent within the comfort of his discreet and chic restaurant located rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 2ème arrondissement. Marked with almost manic precision, his plates are true works of art, visually appealing and utterly delicious. “I want my clients to find my cuisine astonishing and to have a unique experience. But above all, I want them to find the food delicious! “. To discover this cuisine of emotion, opt for the lunch menu (58 €): pleasing artichoke donut, mascarpone cream and black truffle, delicate bar with scales, caramelized citrus sauce and Thai basil puree, and Vacherin delight with passion fruit, pineapple and banana.

by Valentine Holsen

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