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March 2019
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The dogs stumble with impatience and greet their owners, Normand and Karine Casavant, with great zeal.

Parc Régional de Kamikia. Une halte. Mars 2019. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © Françoise SPIEKERMEIER

The mushers give as good as they get. From the outfitter Cecaurel, in the Regional Park of Kamikia, they take you on a ride for an hour, a day, several days ...

“For me, the dream is that the snowmobiles break down and I help them with my dogs “. Jovial and passionate, he has won several dog sled races in the Yukon. “The dogs are trained during all of the seasons, and in the summer, we hike with them and bathe in the lakes and rivers to refine their muscles”. With Nicolas Morin, the outfitting manager, who redecorated the old wooden cottages of the 1920s, they develop and organize stays in total immersion in nature. “Here, it is Paradise. We’re the wildest outfitter, a mere two hours from Montreal.” To prove it, Nico invited Carl, the trapper, to prepare lunch: beaver sausage, caribou ragout hunted by his care, and maple syrup whiskey. For dessert, tanned skins of great beauty, trapped without hurting the animal with new generation traps. “I grew up like a wood-runner. I observe the animals and balance the populations to preserve the balance between the species.”

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