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April 2015
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Air Tahiti Nui, discover the French Polynesia

Air Tahiti Nui discover the French Polynesia © DR

From an aeroplane window, French Polynesia resembles pieces of white, green and blue confetti bordering the transparent, warm waters of lagoons, which are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Bora Bora…so many of these names have reminded us of the Garden of Eden, since their discovery in 1521. North to south, from the plains of the austral islands to the sharp cliff faces of Marquesas, these aromatic paradises unite all the different attributes poured out by enthusiastic Mother Nature. These secret and rebellious islands are savage and yet never hostile, their beaches shaded by coconut trees are also a luxurious invitation to dream, of enchantment and indolence. These generous islands who say ‘Mãnava’! Welcome…

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