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January 2016
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A bottle that can change the world?

bouteille Alter Ego. Positive News Janvier 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

And if it was by easy, small and insignificant gestures, accessible to everyone, that we could put some "positive attitude" in our life and that of others?

For the great speeches and beautiful resolutions, we all know that they easily pass the Cape of “real life” and its constraints, financial and of time. So all of us who travel, why not adopt an Alter Ego bottle. Rather than consuming bottled water, main alternative when traveling in countries where tap water is not necessarily safe, and therefore contribute a little more to pollution (plastic is often not recycled) and the exploitation of raw resources (consume spring water coming from Europe in the middle of Africa, for example, is an aberration …) Alter Ego bottle is a solution number 2. This product of Quebec society Aquaovo filter up to 99.9999% of possible contaminants present in water tap in countries in development. We can drink this cheap water and respect the local environment in peace. Moreover, this backpacker’s bottle is made of lightweight plastic and without Bisphenol-A, it is opaque to filter the UV source of bacterial growth in the water. Using this nomadic bottle instead of pastic bottles is already a good gesture for the environment. But if, when one is about to leave a country where living conditions are not as good as ours, this bottle was offered to a child? It could then also consume any type of water without worry. At least as long as the filter is active (either 285 liters of filtered water). Ok, this is not a miraculous gesture. But it’s a small gesture that can make her daily life a little easier. And a small gesture after a small gesture …

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