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December 2015
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A glamorous action for Tibet.

NORLHA. Positive news décembre 2015 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

Helping a village of Tibetan nomads, while tasting the sweetness of yak wool, is part of the winter joys. And in these difficult times, the sweetness is more necessary than ever.

In the tradition of other famous brands, Caravane enthuses itself for Yack wool. With a touch of a unique smooth, dense and chewy at the same time, treated in various styles, mixed with silk or cashmere, Yack wool is declined in scarves and throws, but also in felted version for beds rugs .The down, hidden under the long Khullu hair provides exceptional heat.
Caravan is passing a good deed, because Norlha, who markets the wool, set herself the mission to help a village to survive. This sustainable trade company is controlled by Dechen Yeshi, a amazing Franco-Tibetan that has managed to unite the nomads from Ritoma, a town bordering the Tibetan plateau *.

This initiative, which is growing every year, has provided work to a whole community of artisans and revived an ancient tradition; the precious dawn of yak was reserved for royalty and the know-how around this craft could have disappeared. By purchasing one of these gorgeous throws, beyond the pleasure of this acquisition, we know that we probably help a nomadic family to preserve its way of life.
Cécile Sepulchre

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