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September 2016
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Tsumiki to raise awareness about the preservation of Japanese forest

Des tsumiki pour sensibiliser à la préservation des forêts japonaises. news parisiennes septembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

Preserving the environment is a concern of many countries, including Japan, which, via the More Trees organization, raises awareness of deforestation in the world. L’Atelier des Blancs Manteaux is hosting an exhibition were Tsumiki (wooden planks overlapping) will be exposed, designed by the architect Kengo Kuma. The Tsumiki are made from the cedars of Morotsuka village on the island of Kyushu. A structure recreating a landscape of the island will be presented and workshops will try to design architectural works or simply original constructions.

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