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April 2016
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PHARES is going to be turned off

PHARES, Place de la Concorde. News parisiennes avril 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © Milène Guermont

You only have a few hours left to see the work of Milène Guermont, place de la Concorde. Installed on the eve of the COP21, PHARES illuminates at the heart, along the pedestrians’ heartbeat by a connected sensor. Made of 128 LED bulbs lights, this monumental work in shape of a pyramid wants to be an echo of the first public lighting test in the world in 1843 at the same location. Its gilt intensifies to blend into the color of the pyramidion to emphasize the original symbolism of the obelisk as a pathway from earth to heaven, the pharaohs’ final destination. In front of this piece of work’s success, its installation was extended for several weeks, but it will definitely be turned off on April 2nd. B.D.

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