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October 2015
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"Thomas Couture" at the Museum of Romantics

T @Plume Voyage Magazinehomas Couture l'imperatrice Eugenie à genoux etude pour Le Baptème du prince impérial palais de Compiegne © DR

To mark the bicentenary of Thomas Couture, six museums in Paris and in Picardie get together to honor this outstanding artist of the nineteenth century. Often recognized as the master of Manet, he nevertheless played a vital role in the history of modern painting, as evidenced by the attachment of the Romans of the decadence, in the center of the nave at the Orsay Museum. The Museum of Romantics takes part in the celebration of the bicentenary artist with a snap of several paintings which call into perspective the work of the man who was, in 1847, the young hope of the Salon.
Until the 28th of February 2016. B.D.

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