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October 2015
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"In the cracks" at the National Marine Museum

Au pardon des Terre-Neuvas, Yvonne Jean-Haffen, Collection Maison d’Artiste de La Grande-Vigne-Dinan © Coll. Maison d’Artiste de La Grande-Vigne-Dinan @Plume Voyage Magazine

This exhibition traces the history of thousands of sailors gone every year in difficult and perilous conditions. At the time of sailing, campaigns lasted up to six months. For women and children, it was the lack, the expectation, of return or no-return … that inspires from the late nineteenth century many artists, writers, illustrators, filmmakers. But this history of fishing also questions our responsibility. The sea is the future of our planet and the management of our marine resources is a major challenge and an essential question. Some great witnesses as Erik Orsenna or Isabelle Autissier recall it with conviction.

Until the 26th of June 2016.

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